15 Creepy Pokedex Entries

Pokemon is a game that is filled with cute monsters you can collect and battle. What if I told you Pokemon isn’t just a game for kids. Pokemon writers have lowered the bar on child friendliness.

Some of these entries you are about to hear are pretty dark for a kids game. Might make you think twice when keeping one of these Pokemon in your party.

  1. Tsareena

Tsareena has been mentioned as  being feared with a cruel heart. In one entry it states, A kick from the hardened tips of this Pokémon’s legs leaves a wound in the opponent’s body and soul that will never heal. Who doesn’t want a wound in your body let alone your soul that will never heal. Sounds pretty fun.

  1. Parasect

This is a sad case of a pokemon not being what you thought it was. Parasect has a parasatic fungus that infects it and controls its actions like it is a puppet. If the mushroom comes off the bug will stop moving. This proves that the parasite has effectively drained all life from its host and the host is just a shell being controlled. Poor little guy.

  1. Drowsee

The dream eater pokemon is scary enough as it is. I mean who doesn’t want a creature feasting off your dreams as you’re asleep.  In Ultra Sun it states it hangs out at recreational facilities with a view of eating the dreams of children. Kind of stalkerish and creepy. In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire it states that the pokemon extracts dreams through the nostrils of their victims. If you feel some discomfort at night coming from your nostril area then you know its most likely a drowsee.

  1. Mismagius

This lovable ghost type pokemon is considered one that is helpful to people. Helpful is definitely pushing it in my opinion. This pokemon’s muttered curses can cause awful headaches or terrifying visions that torments others. Not sure that is the help I am looking for but hey at least it is trying.

  1. Palossand

Beaches are one of the most enjoyable beautiful places on earth. If you ever have a chance I highly recommend you go to Siesta Key, Florida for white sand beaches. If you do go to the beach just be careful because you might run into a Palossand. Palossand is known as the beach nightmare. Lovely nickname. It pulls its prey down into the sand by controlling the sand itself, then sucks out their souls. Teaches you to go to the beach with a soul.

  1. Phantump

Phantump is a cute tree ghost that is hard not to like. Phantump has a voice like a human child. How cute… Except its not. It uses that voice to cry out and lure adults deep into the first getting them lost among the trees. Sounds like a creature from the old school Are You Afraid Of The Dark Episode.

  1. Drifblim

Drifblim is considered to be a collection of souls. Good start. Drifblim has a little bit of a kidnapping problem. Not only does it kidnap you but it takes you somewhere. The pokedex doesn’t even know and normally if you can’t ever be found it is not a good thing. It is said that the souls it carries are burdened with regret. Who wouldn’t regret getting taken by a Drifblim. I know that would definitely add some regret if I ever get taken by one. Especially since I know what they are capable of.

  1. Haunter

Ever have the feeling you are being watched but no one is there. I know I have. Well when doing research on this video I found out it was a Haunter. All I can say is it is a good thing this Pokemon didn’t lick me. Its dex reads It’s tongue is made of gas. If licked, its victim starts shaking constantly until death eventually comes. Could be worse I guess. This is for a kids game I remind you.

On the bright side Ash lived in the anime after being licked so there is hope.

  1. Bewear

Who doesn’t love hugs. This pokemon  is not only cute but loves giving them. There is a caveat though. Many trainers have left this world after their spines were squashed by its hug. Another entry mentions that it can shatter your bones. Even though this may not be intentional and it is just trying to give a hug I would prefer to keep my spine in check.

  1. Gengar

As the trailor of the new ghost pokemon in the Paldea region is hinted we did see the beloved Gengar. One of the most popular Pokemon since Gen 1 its pokedex entries have been getting darker and darker over the years. From attacking people who get lost in mountains to stealing peoples lives. Gengar used to be a human itself. Apparently it didn’t have the greatest life as a human because it seeks to take the lives of other humans to find a travelling companion. In Ultra Sun it targets naughty children and Pokemon Sun says There is no escaping a Gengar and just to give up. Sounds promising if you ever run into one.

  1. Dusknoir

Who doesn’t love to be swallowed whole. That is exactly what Dusknoir does with the mouth on its belly. The good news is that it spits your body back out once the soul is devoured so you have that. Who needs a soul anyway right. Another fun fact is it might be under the control of the spirit world. In another entry it says it steals people and pokemon away because transmissions from the spirit world said so. Maybe they will come out with a pokemon that transmits from the spirit world to control dusknoir. Creepy.

  1. Mimikyu

This adorable but creepy mon wears a pikachu like guise so that people won’t be terrified of it. No one really knows what it looks like under the disguise but one of the pokedex entries said that there was a scientist who peeked under its old rag in the name of research and died of a mysterious disease. Sounds worth.

  1. Frostlass

So this pokemon is interesting because it was only born from a women’s regret who met her end on a snowy mountain. It has a healthy appetite for frozen souls. Not just any frozen souls but the frozen souls of men. Won’t catch me on a snowy mountain anytime soon. On top of that another entry says that it spits out cold air that is -60 degrees farienheit to freeze its quarry. It also brings back frozen prey back to its lair and lines them up. At least it is organized. Have to give it that.

  1. Banette

Ever think about those cute pokemon plushies coming to life with a vengence. Banette literally did just that. It was once a plush toy that transformed into a pokemon due to its strong feelings of hatred. It only searches the world to find the child who abandoned it so it can exact its revenge. Keeping my plushes forever so never have to worry about that.

  1. Yveltal

So this one to me is horrifying. Ever want the world to end. Well watch a Yveltal die. When its life comes to an end it absorbs the life energy of every living thing and turns into a cocoon once more.  All humanity pretty much starts over if one dies or just doesn’t exist anymore period. So if I was a Pokemon professor I would work hard on inventing something to keep Yveltal alive forever. That is just me though.

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I am PokeX. Thanks for watching. Peace.

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