Pokémon: The First Movie (MewTwo Strikes Back)

1.1        Background of Pokémon: The First Movie

Pokémon MewTwo Strikes Back tells the story of Mew, a legendary Pokémon. As the plot progresses, a scientist from Team Rocket succeeds in making a duplicate of the rarest Mew and names him MewTwo. Little did the team rocket realize that MewTwo’s mentality is unstable and that he would go wild, leading to an apocalypse. However, mankind still has Pokémon trainers like Ash and his team, who must battle MewTwo and save the Earth. 
The story and facts about MewTwo strike back are linked below. Take a quick glance or try navigating to the desired movie storyline using the nexus above the table of contents.

1.2 Pre-Credits

The film’s pre-credits sequence shows the survey crew of Team Rocket amid a jungle. They are gathering information on Mew, and in doing so, they discuss one of his rarest yet most amazing powers (to learn more about Mew’s power, please click on the link). They were out looking for Mew or his remnants. The last Mew Pokémon comes on the screen and stealthily travels. Finally, the survey crew discovers a Mew fossil, which they deliver to Team Rocket’s lab, where the rocket will use the obtained fossil to construct an upgraded and more powerful Mew.

1.3 Mew’s Powers

According to team rocket’s survey crew, and later reappearance of Mew and MewTwo in the movie, it is clearly understood that the Mew and his updated version MewTwo can do the following things.
• Bring floods
• Control weather conditions and seas
• Psychic Abilities
• Erasing or manipulating one’s memories
• Manipulating time

1.4 MewTwo’s Subconsciousness

MewTwo was finally made when the fossil was brought to the Team Rocket lab, but he couldn’t wake up. As Team Rocket does more research on the subject, the movie shows that MewTwo’s subconsciousness is finally born into the world, but he doesn’t know anything. He can’t stop thinking, “Who is he and where is he?” Soon, a girl intervenes into his subconsciousness and introduces herself as AiTwo. As they talk, several other Pokémon show up in MewTwo’s mind, and it turns out that Rocket is keeping a lot of other Pokémon at his facility.

1.5 Ai’s Background

Ai was Doctor Fuji’s daughter. She died, but the old man was able to turn the electrical signal of his daughter’s brain into a light and call it AiTwo. Because of the old man’s madness, his wife left him, but he still tries to make copies of Pokémon and to make AiTwo come to life.

1.6 Story Line

The movie goes back to MewTwo’s subconscious, where he is wandering around with AiTwo and other copies of Pokémon in AiTwo’s memories. As MewTwo asks her questions and learns the basics of life from her, the psychic Pokémon and AiTwo finally get along well. At this point in the story, he still doesn’t know what his life is all about, but he’s having fun with his new friends. After a long time, one of the Pokémon starts to lose its life signal. The lab assistant tells the old man that this is happening to all the Pokémon. MewTwo asks AiTwo what happened, but AiTwo starts to fade away just before a tearful farewell and her advice to keep living no matter what.
MewTwo was unstable emotionally, and now that he has lost a friend and doesn’t know why he was born or what his life’s purpose is, he goes crazy. Soon, his eyes will open, and he will finally become aware. Everyone in the lab starts congratulating each other on making a Pokémon, also called a “man-made Pokémon.” MewTwo still doesn’t know who he is or why he’s in the Rocket’s facility at this point in the story. He asks them what they know about him. The old man tells him that he is a Pokémon that humans made for their own purposes. He also tells him that he is the strongest Pokémon and must do what they say. MewTwo, on the other hand, goes berserk again because Doctor Fuji and everyone else think he’s just an experiment. This time, he destroys the whole facility and then goes outside to explore the natural world. He is also interested in the real Mew because he has imagined him in the place where Mew came from.

1.7 A Little Twist in the Story

After seeing MewTwo’s massacre on the island, Giovanni approaches him and tells him to collaborate since MewTwo needs to manage his strength and use it only, when necessary, whilst Giovanni requires him for his own objective. So, the storyline switches as MewTwo begins training to manage both his physical and mental talents. However, when MewTwo discovers that his goal is to be a weapon for Giovanni’s advantage, he destroys Giovanni’s facility and flees to New Island, where he plans retribution against both mankind and Pokémon. MewTwo then rebuilds the lab and invites Pokémon trainers to a match through a holographic video message from a gorgeous lady.

1.8 Pokémon Trainers (The other side of the story)

Ash and his buddies, along with their Pokémon, are on vacation, while Musashi and her company are also slipping in. Soon after, a Pokémon appears and challenges Ash and his pals to a duel with the world’s finest Pokémon trainer. Out of curiosity, they decide to go to the competition and go to the Pokémon Center.
MewTwo, on the other hand, creates a devastating storm in the sea near the Pokémon center. He did this to assess the merit of participating Pokémon trainers. Back to the Pokémon center. Ash and his companions recognize the same attractive lady from the video message as Nurse Joy, and they also detect something peculiar, as Nurse Joy has been away for some days, according to the Pokémon center. Anyway, after realizing that all boats have been closed for safety reasons, all other Pokémon trainers decide to brave the storm with the assistance of their Pokémon. However, Ash and his team do not have any Pokémon that can withstand the storm. At that time, Musashi and her companions disguise themselves as Vikings, but after being captured by Ash and falling off the boat, Ash and his friends ultimately make it feasible to reach the new island with the assistance of their Pokémon. Musashi, her friends, and Mew also come to the new island.

1.9 MewTwo’s Wrath

When the Pokémon trainers arrive at the facility, they are all confronted by MewTwo, whose psychic skills exceed much beyond perfection, and he crushes every trainer’s Pokémon like they are nothing. Musashi and her pals, on the other hand, enter the facility where they witness the cloned copies of Pokémon. They also heard of Rocket’s true objective, and Mew realized the gravity of the issue.

1.10 Original Pokémons V/S Replica Pokémons

MewTwo informs them that he intends to make his own rules in the Pokémon world and annihilate all the original ones with duplicated but more powerful Pokémon, as well as to destroy humans. With that said, his extraordinary psychic talents cause all the duplicated Pokémon in the lab to be released. The duplicates easily defeat the originals, and MewTwo then takes everyone’s Pokémon to bolster his army. In contrast, to free Pikachu, Ash pursues the MewTwo’s Pokémon catcher, eventually destroying the entire lab machine and releasing all original Pokémon. At this point in the story, all caught Pokémon are reproduced into the copied one, and the original ones are once again confronted with the copied one, and a devastating struggle ensues.

1.11 Mew V/S MewTwo

Have I mentioned that Mew faced MewTwo? Mew first ignores him and makes fun of the furious psychic Pokémon, but MewTwo encourages him to fight back. According to MewTwo, the cloned Pokémon are superior to the originals and should be replaced by the originals. In response to his remark, Mew finally becomes serious and warns him that no matter what he tries, he will not be able to replace the original Pokémon, and that the original Pokémon will overcome duplicated. With that stated, Mew and MewTwo start fighting.

1.12 A Quick Realization

While each Pokémon is battling its duplicate, the Pokémon trainers realize that they should not be fighting. They are all living beings, original and copied alike. Pikachu, on the other hand, is faced by his clone as well, but he refuses to strike back, and eventually the replica one becomes fatigued and upset, causing him to hug the genuine Pikachu. Finally, the original V/S replica combat is over, and everyone forms a bond except Mew and MewTwo.

1.13 Conclusion of Mew V/S MewTwo

After understanding that Mew and MewTwo would not stop until one of them is dead, Ash flees to stop both, but he is caught in a psychic blast generated by both of them. After this blast, Ash petrifies, and the level of emotion soars to the point where all the Pokémon, even the copies, start to cry. This suggests that the copies have also become mentally stable.
Everyone’s tears result in the miraculous resurrection of Ash, and seeing this, MewTwo understands that the entire incident was a mistake, so he flees with every duplicated Pokémon and reverses time back to the Pokémon Center. They were scheduled to cross the sea again for the battle, but this time they have no idea what they are doing at Pokémon Center since MewTwo has wiped their memory of the entire experience.

1.14 Post Credits

The movie concludes with Ash and his buddies continuing to have adventures and becoming the finest Pokémon trainers ever. Ash also encounters the phantom Pokémon (Mew) again near the seaside, indicating that he and Mew will have some direct plot links in the forthcoming series, but before we get there, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog so that you don’t miss any Pokémon updates.

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